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C H A S E Consulting provides simple inexpensive solutions to assist all small to considerable sized organizations in meeting their health and safety obligations. The range of services offered is very broad, ranging from a retained telephone support service to a full-time health and safety resource

· Health and Safety Management Systems

Over 90% of all accidents and incidents reported in the workplace are as a direct result of failing management or management systems.

The Occupational Health & Safety Act requires employers to produce a written statement of their Health and Safety Policy and to identify the organisation and arrangements that are in place and bring this to the attention of their employees.

Structured principles for the management of health and safety are achieved by the developing and implementing of:

· A Health and Safety Policy
· Organising of staff
· Planning and Implementation
· Measuring of performance
· Auditing and reviewing of performance

· Safety Audits

You need to know where you are with safety practices before you can decide which further steps are necessary. A compliance audit can be one of the most effective ways of deciding what you need to do to improve. Audits can be as formal or as informal as is appropriate.

· Health & Safety Policy Development

Our service will ensure that your organisation has a sound and legally compliant health and safety policy. We can update your existing health and safety policy or develop a new policy to meet your organization's needs.

· Accident Investigation

All reputable employers would wish to avoid accidents and incidents within the workplace. Should they occur, they may lead to ill health and injury and employees may have grounds for compensation claims. Further, the company may face prosecution by the enforcing authority and fines imposed by the courts, not to mention the bad publicity and loss of business reputation.

C H A S E Consulting can advise you on formal notification procedures and investigate the causes of the accident. We can also liaise with the authorities providing representation where necessary. The service includes the provision of a formal report and an action plan to prevent recurrence.

· Training

Any training is an investment that reaps rewards - it not only improves staff morale and productivity, but also reassures your stakeholders.

All of our health and safety training courses provide practical tools to support your staff. The following courses are available:

o General Health and Safety

o Risk Assessment workshop

o Fire and Emergency Response

o Manual Handling of objects

o Hazardous Substances Regulations

o Health & Safety for Supervisors

o Advanced Health & Safety for Managers

o First Aid

o Fire Fighting

o Health and safety Representative course

o Occupational health & safety Act

o Personal protective Equipment

o Stacking & Storing principles

o Induction on Health & Safety (Customer Specific)

o Housekeeping, Safety signs & Colour coding

o Accident Investigation

o Forklift operator certification

o Safety Committee course


· Liaison with Enforcing Authorities

We will, where appropriate, undertake work on behalf of organisations to liaise with Enforcing Authorities (e.g. Department of Labour; Local Authority Environmental Health Officers) in relation to Health, Safety and Environmental issues, to assist clients in developing a program of work to resolve the concerns of the Enforcing Authority.


· Risk Assessment Support

By identifying potential hazards and unsafe acts at work and assessing the risks involved, organisations can create a safer working environment. Our risk assessment service is aimed at organisations that need practical help to either introduce or review their risk assessment procedures and method statements.

We will assist in carrying out general and specific risk assessments covering such areas as manual handling, personal protective equipment, the safe use of work equipment etc.


· Health & Safety Advice

Specifically designed for small to medium sized organisations we can provide a Health & Safety Advisor to make a number of visits to your workplace each year. The advisor is available to provide certificated training to suit your needs, develop a health and safety policy, assist with risk assessments, liaise with enforcement officers, accident investigation and provide unlimited email or telephone advice.

· Fire

Using specialist qualified fire management consultants, C H A S E Consulting can provide for all fire risk assessments and advise on compliance with the Fire Precautions, special premises, and the general requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, including the necessary requirements for the compliance with the Highly Flammable Liquids and Hazardous Chemical Substances Regulations, Health and Safety Signs and Signals Standards.

· First Aid

Using a specialist Occupational Health Organization, C H A S E Consulting can arrange for a range of health and welfare services, including training and certifying for first aid and manual handling, workplace occupational health strategies and monitoring. Resource and support provided by qualified doctors and nurses.

· Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations

Relative to all lifting equipment and recently revised, C H A S E Consulting can provide the necessary advice and consultancy to help ensure compliance with the requirements of these regulations; from selection, to examination and testing of such equipment and their responsible operators.

· Noise at work

Employers must reduce the risk to the health, safety and welfare of their employees from exposure to noise. C H A S E Consulting can advise on the legislative requirements and the compliance with the requirements and control measures for the first and second noise action levels. Arrangements for noise surveys, by competent persons, for noise levels above the first action level (85dBA). Monitoring techniques and arrangements for effectively reducing noise.

· Provision, use and monitoring of Equipment inspection modules.

Duties defined under these regulations require employers to provide all work equipment for use in the workplace in a condition that is safe, fit for its intended purpose and without risk to employees. Equipment to which the regulations apply is diverse, ranging from forklift trucks to electrical apparatus and hand tools. Some equipment requires statutory inspection and regular examination and testing. In all cases work equipment must be supplied and maintained fit for its intended purpose. C H A S E Consulting can provide the necessary advice, consultancy and support to ensure compliance but also to monitor ongoing suitability.



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