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Regardless of the number of persons employed, all work activities are subject to legislation in order to ensure the health, safety and welfare of people, including the self-employed whilst at work.

Each year, within South Africa , employees are killed whilst at work and non-fatal injuries are reported to the Workman's Compensation Commissioner. The cost to the economy totals to Millions of Rands per year. It is estimated that at least 90% of these fatalities and injuries could have been prevented by a more informed and positive approach by management and employers to their legal duties and responsibilities.

C H A S E Consulting is a new, energetic and totally pro-active professional Health and Safety Consultancy firm.

C H A S E Consulting can provide a diverse range of health and safety services covering all types of workplaces, from agriculture and construction to shops and commercial businesses.

C H A S E Consulting provides certified health and safety training, health and safety risk assessments, health and safety policy drafting and the development of custom made monitoring systems, which would cater for the needs of every client.

C H A S E Consulting has associations with specialists in occupational health, stress and holistic counseling and environmental management.

With over 20 years experience in all aspects of both construction, engineering and corporate environments,C H A S E Consulting has the necessary expertise and understanding for the application of all appropriate Safety legislation; more recently the Environmental Regulations.

We have an extended range of services to reflect the growing trend of many businesses towards the selection of a 'multidisciplinary' consultancy in the management of their Safety, Environmental and Quality obligations.

Safety First